Who makes Glow-net Vests?
Me, India Johnson, a Minneapolis-based artist.

How is a Glow-net Vest made?

Glow-net Vests are not made using knitting or crochet. Glow-net Vests are hand-woven using a technique called "sprang" or "knotless netting." After a frame loom is warped, the warp threads are interlaced; no weft is used. 

How can I learn sprang weaving?
I recommend classes from Carol James

What is a Glow-net Vest made of?
The yarn is 88% Acrylic and 12% Polyester. It is machine wash and dry, and anti-pilling (meaning pills fall off the vest in the wash). 

How do I wash a Glow-net Vest? 
Machine wash and dry in a garment bag to prevent snags. Use a low-heat dryer setting, or air dry by placing the vest flat on a towel. 

Is the vest hot in the summer? 
Customer feedback is that Glow-net Vests can get hot, especially in the heat of summer. Glow-net Vests are a nice layer for bike commuters in colder climates, or during cold seasons. Overheating? Consider wearing Glow-net Vest with a wicking layer underneath ... or nothing at all. 

What about sales or discounts?
Glow-net Vests don't go on sale--I'm proud to produce a hand-woven MUSA garment for just $100. 
However, lingerie brands and bike brands often offer an industry discount on their products; Glow-net Vests is both. If you're a sex worker or work in a bike shop (either for-profit or non-profit), use the discount code "INDUSTRY" for $15 off. I also offer a discount to self-identified BIPOC individuals. Enter code "BIPOC" for $25 off.